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United States Historical Light List Display

The information presented in this section of the web site was extracted from the historical light lists of the United States. You can access graphical representations for sections of the United States where arcs are displayed that represent the light characteristics of those lighthouses on the map. You then can see how lighthouses were activated or deactivated over time, and how their characteristics may have changed over time. You can also access the historical light list information, including fog signal and radiobeacon information, for an entire light list or a particular lighthouse.

Currently only the light lists of the Pacific coast of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, the New England states and a few Mid-Atlantic states down to Delaware, have been researched in detail. As the historical light lists for the lighthouses in the other areas of the United States are researched, they will be included in this section of the web site. However, the current characteristics are still available both graphically and non-graphically for those areas of the United States which have not been fully researched yet.

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