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Lighthouse Preservation Act Lighthouses Becoming Available in 2013!

The U.S. Lighthouse Society is working with the General Service Administration (GSA) to announce the availability of lighthouses in the U.S. through the Lighthouse Preservation Act. Our goal is to provide as much advanced information as possible so that groups can organize themselves and submit letters of interest and eventually formal applications. We hope that all lighthouses will find a proper steward, who keeps the lights shining and open the public.

So without further adeau, here are lights GSA is offering in 2013 for stewardship. GSA will be sending out Notices of Availability and eligible entities will have 60 days to send in a letter of interest. A National Park Service representative will attend the inspection, which GSA arranges, working with in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard. The National Parks Service provides the applications and briefs potential stewards on their part in the federal program, which is to review, evaluate and recommend the steward to GSA. GSA then deeds the light to the entity that submits the best application, in their opinion. Please note that there are two "carry-over" lights on the 2013 list that are being offered again to find a steward.

The best place to look for updated information is the National Park Service website, which will carry the GSA contact for each light. That website is: - this website also has a good background on the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act year by year and a sample application which potential stewards might find useful.


Click on any of the entries that are underlined to read it's Notice of Availability

      01. Carysfort Reef Light, FL
      02. Sand Key Light, FL
      03. Alligator Reef light, FL
      04. Sombrero Reef Light, FL
      05. New London Ledge Light, CT
      05. Gay Head Light (Aquinnah), MA
      07. Poe Reef Light, MI
      08. Martin Reef Light, MI
      09. Round Island Passage Light, MI
      10. Grays Reef Light, MI
      11. Superior Entry South Breakwater Light, WI
      12. Port Huenene Light, CA (*Fresnel lens will be removed and placed on display
            this year)

      01. Gravelly Shoal Light, MI
      02. White Shoals Light, MI
      03. Green Bay Harbor Light, WI
      04. Peshtigo Reef Light, WI

      01. American Shoal Light, FL: Issue NOA in 2013; This light was originally included
            on the 2012 NHLPA List.
      02. Ile Aux Galets (Skillagalee) Light, MI: reissue the NOA in 2013; A NOA for this
            light was originally issued in 2011 but no one expressed interest in the property.
            Public auctions are not currently available in Michigan.

Since the passage of the NHLPA in 2000, GSA has conveyed 92 lights, mostly offshore. 60 have been deeded at no cost to new stewards approved by the Department of Interior and National Park Service, and 32 have been sold by online auction. The proceeds from those auctions are over $3.6 M to date. Proceeds are returned to the United States Coast Guard for use on their Aids to Navigation program, since most of the lights continue to be working Aids to Navigation maintained by the USCG.

Here are some interesting "success" stories about lighthouses that have already transferred to nonprofits through NLHPA:

  • Gull Rock, MI
  • DeTour Reef Light, MI
  • The Cuckolds Fog Signal and Light Station, ME - some great before and after pictures
  • Execution Rocks, NY
  • Huntington Harbor, NY

  • And here are some NHLPA successful sales, where the restoration has been well done when official stewards could not be found:

  • Fairport Harbor Light, OH
  • Borden Flats, RI
  • Goose Rocks Light, ME